2. Quietly Making Noise

Hello guys!

Here I am again with a new and Fantastic item from TDF, your favorite store. There are so many good things that I could say about this item but lets start from the beginning. So today… we have an Outfit, for the ladies, and I promise, my next blog shall be a male item. No sir, I haven’t forgot about you.

Quietly making noise… How is that possible?, you wonder. I tell you how. It’s simple, just get this gorgeous outfit, put some jewels and maybe some make-up, fix your hair and voilá, you are ready for a party, a job interview, a walk with your soul mate… You don’t have to say a word, it will speak for you and leave everyone around focused on you 😉

Without further delay, Let me show you the beauty:


Moving on, and please, catch up your jaw, this outfit is mesh, sweater and leggings; copy and modify (which means you can tint it if you need); the fat-pack includes a lot of colors (teal, blue, brown, green, grey, pink, purple and red); both with 5 different sizes (XS, S, M ,L, XL); and obviously, it includes the color changer HUD.

As for last, our lovely Corvi (TDFs’ Owner) is such a genius that she created this outfit matching PER-FEC-TLY! the Love in the Library shoes! And that’s a sweet treat my loves, because,between me and you, we all know how difficult is to find the perfect shoes and the hours we spend in Marketplace looking for shoes…

So that’s it for today, do you want to look stunning but you have really few time to get ready? Then just grab the landmark in the blog and jump to the store. We surely don’t want you to get late!

As usual, below you have the blogging picture for the item and if you want the styling card, just click here for my blog!



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