3. MasterClass Cargo Shorts

Hi everyone!

First of all my sincere apologies on failing the blog last week but due to Real Life, it was pretty impossible to me to come online. Second of all… and as I promised, Gentleman, today is your day! That’s right, I place all my girlyness aside and I became a male, an handsome one by the way *lol*. Despite everything, a blogger also has to make few sacrifices ahah. But let’s proceed, what do I have for you this week… Very well, as you can see in the title, shorts, MasterClass Cargo Shorts. Spring is coming, the lovely sun will start shinning very soon and we do want to be prepared for those stunning Spring, not cold not warm days, enjoy a good activity outside, leaving the scarfs at home.

Please be my guest and take a look at the picture, you will understand what I am talking about.


Like we are used to, these shorts come up with 4 different styles: Black, Brown, Camouflage 1 and Camouflage 2. Obviously they are Rigged Mesh to fit perfectly in you; Copy&Modifiable; And 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L. You can perfectly use them with sneakers, like in the pictures, but they also go well with combat boots for example, and if you are looking for a urban, warrior look, well then, that’s it!

As for today my loves, I believe that’s it, next week i’ll be kicking off maybe with a prim object… maybe an object, maybe an accessory… What would you prefer? Leave your opinions in the comments, they are all welcomed =) and yeah, during the week i’ll check them out and decide which news and treats i’ll be bringing for the next Sunday. Until there, I’ll leave you with the usual blogging picture! Keep an eye in the blog and don’t miss out the 60L$ weekends, the group gifts, which you need to belong by the way and the Discounts for group members as well.



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