60L to get your Mardi Gras on!!!!


Well, this week Corvi has 3 items, yes, 3 items on the 60L Weekend Sales!!!!
All to help us Dark Fae Fanatics get prepared for the Mardi Gras spirit and outfitted for the celebrations to come! Let’s get started…

First, we have the Playtime Latex Boots in Purple for women! Yes ladies, if your feets are tired of being in them heels, then this is what you need! I’ve paired them with the usual Mardi Gras festive costume and sauntered around SL to get the reactions to this look and there were many who graced me with compliments them. So, yay!!! They work!

Adboard Playtime Latex Boots Womens Purple

And second, guess what gentlemen? There is also a set of Playtime Latex Boots for men too! Also in Purple, in time for Mardi Gras for you too. Throw on a pair of these fun, comfy and stylish boots and head on out to the party! 😀

Both men’s and women’s boots are Unrigged Mesh, Copy & Modify. And both are 60L this weekend only. Come and get ’em! Hope to see you there!

Adboard Playtime Latex Boots Mens Purple

Third, last but not least, lets outfit the parcel in the Mardi Gras spirit too. The Bourbon Street Fountain can bring a bit of the Bourbon Street home, right onto your parcel. It is also Copy & Modify so you can adjust as you might need. The Spirit faces have jeweled eyes in green and purple and curved horns adorned with those all too sought after beads in various colors. It captures the darkness and the spirit of Bourbon Street all too well!  And, if you are taking the party back home, you can camp out around the fountain and feel like you are still on Bourbon Street! But, rather than me describe it, why not take a look for yourself…

Adboard Bourbon Fountain

And that is all three items, all for your 60L Weekends pleasure! And here is where you can find them:


And a few shots of the boots in action:

TDF - Purple Latex Boots

And the fountain, for scale and the detail:

TDF - Bourbon Street Fountain


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