I know things have been quiet but…

Hai to all my favorite Fanatics! I know there wasn’t a post last weekend for 60L weekend and there won’t be one this weekend either. The Corvi has been a tad crazed trying to get ready for Twisted which starts on SUNDAY! Squee! So excited! So instead of an amazing post from Melyna you get… ME! Aren’t you thrilled? Of course you are.


I want to take this moment to totally give kudos to Melyna and Rouge for taking the time to post these awesome blogs for you, and for putting up with me.


So, I suppose you’re wondering what I’ve been up to and why it’s been so quiet. Weeeellll.. I MAY have over extended myself… just a smidge… ok maybe a lot. lol but it’s totally worth it! So here’s the rundown on all the events that The Dark Fae is in. (you can also go to the Hunts & Events tab for more info as well)


The Wash started on the 25th. I love doing The Wash. It gives me a chance to reach a whole new group of people I may not have been able to otherwise. Plus, come on, who doesn’t love a simwide sale where everything is only 10L. People seem to be liking the Stompy Shoes for MID feet that I made for the event, and the guys are even getting in on the action by buying the workboots I made for them, so YAY!! You totally need to check out The Wash. Tons of great stores with awesome sales for you!


The ScratchN Post’s Spring Hunt starts March 5th. Now.. I know ScratchN Post is a KittyCatS 2ndary market sim and if you go you will see tons of kittys for sale. You don’t have to buy ANY of them. honest! You can if you want tho. This is a FREE hunt. yup! totally free. and I promise, my prize is NOT something you need to have KittyCatS for. I made jeans. yup! Jeans! with cats on them. cuz well.. it IS a kittycats sim. There is a male pair and a female pair, and yes, they have different cats on them so it’s not one of those “zomg my bf and I look EXACTLY ALIKE!” things. However, apparently women can wear the men’s jeans as well so apparently you ladies get two prizes. wewts!


TWISTED HUNT!! Yes! It’s that time again! Twisted starts March 1st and is totally free… unless you count tears and pulled out hair as fees. The theme this time is SPECTRE and the color is Ectoplasm (ie: a faded out teal) and INVISIBLE! yes.. for realz… you can see thru the cubes. As of this moment I have a Rusalka dress for women, and a Dirty Talking Ghost shoulderpet for the guys, altho the gals are more than welcome to wear him as well. I ALSO have the traditional Kobold (he’s massively cute! but don’t tell him I said so) and shrooms, and I have 2 gacha machines worth of prizes for y’all. One machine is filled with Spectre inspired decor which I used to decorate my store with, and the other is filled with Twisted bracelets for y’all to wear.


The enMESHed Spring Hunt starts March 15th and should be a ton of fun. It’s my first time doing one of their hunts and I’m really looking forward to it. As of this moment, I am planning on doing a texture changing gazebo, altho if it refuses to cooperate that may change without notice.


So now you haz all the dirt and why I’ve been too busy to figure out 60L things. Never fear tho! I have not stopped doing 60L.


PLEASE REMEMBER… this is important

IF you are a member of The Dark Fae’s group you get FREE shoes from the group area (more stuff coming soon, promise!) AND YOU GET ALL NEW ITEMS FOR 50% OFF WHILE IT IS IN THE NEW AREA. Yes, you read that right. ALL New items you get for half price while it’s in the newness area. You MUST wear your tag to get the lower price option to go thru. There will be much Newness coming, just as soon as I finish going insane with Twisted prep. I promise.


Btw… you can totally chat and stuffs in the groupchat. I don’t mind! Honest! I want it to be a place for y’all to talk and stuff.


Corvi Ashdene


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