Need a home for a few lindens?

Looking for a dark Modern Gothic skybox? Or a new home on the low low($L)? Well, then you want to take a look at the 60L Weekend special from The Dark Fae! Look no further and for the price you really can’t go wrong.

Adboard SkyGoth Purple

With its dark interior, dark wooden floors and brighter tiled floors, arched doorways, nine window options (change with one click on the controller or on the windows), and the lighted staircase, it will envelope you in the beauty of this darkness we love so much. So I took a few more pics than normal this time.

Now, some of these pics are brightened up a bit to see the detail inside, but I will mention that if that is the case, and that is the case with the first pic!

TDF Purple SkyGoth1

The Dark Wood floors in the living area – very spacious! Shelving on the walls and a very spacious area!

TDF Purple GothSkybox_003

Included is a fireplace and a floor rug, the window scenes change with a click of the control panel near the kitchen doorway or on the windows themselves. This is also a very accurate pic of what the wood looks like throughout the skybox.

TDF Purple SkyGoth0

Brightened quite a bit is the doorway between the kitchen and the parlor area where you will find the stairs to the next level. The foreground is the kitchen and the background is the parlor area. All the wood is the same darkness as the previous picture.

TDF Purple SkyGoth3

Brightened up as well, the parlor and staircase leading to the second level. Rez box for easy moving and placement on your parcel or sim. And the lights leading upstairs look great against the dark wood and black walls.

TDF Purple GothSkybox_002

And the bedroom, it is brighter in this room like the kitchen with its tiled floors. Black and White checked in here. No light added here at all.

It is also copy and modify. 72 prims. The SkyGoth Skybox in Purple. All this and a small footprint (23 x 23)! It is this weekends 60L Weekend sale so make sure to get by the store and pick one up before the sale ends! And yes, there is a rezzer at the store, just take the teleport at the landing point and tp there instantly. It does come in other colors as well, but this week, you can it in purple and cheap! And….if you need some matching furniture, take the teleport to the furniture area and pick up some things to fill it up!

See you there!


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