TDF’s Butterfly Jarlights ~ Reds $60L Weekends

Continue to inviting Spring into your home with this week’s 60L Weekends item, The Dark Fae’s Butterfly Jarlights – Reds!

These are just great for some soft lighting and will beautify any decor. They turn off and on via a click and are just right for soft relaxing mood lighting or are great for your meditation time. Inside the jars are particle lights in yellow like little fireflies!
The Reds come in three different shades of red: Red – Pink – Purple.

Adboard Jarlights Butterfly Reds

At only 3 prims each and Copy, Modify, these will not take up much prim and will greatly enhance your surroundings! Set the mood using the Butterfly Jarlights – Reds. And get them this weekend only $60L.

TDF Jarlights - Reds

These beautiful Butterfly Jarlights will make a nice addition to your home! Stop by and pick up your set before the sale is over!!!


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