TDF’s Fairy Jarlights – Reds $60L

 Dark Faenatics!

If you are a fan of and collecting The Dark Fae’s Jarlights, here is another set to collect! Great for a fantasy theme, The Dark Fae’s Fairy Jarlights are the perfect pieces to add to your decor! These jars are adorned with little fairies all around the glass of the jar and they also have the little particle lights inside each one.

Adboard Jarlights Fairy Reds

Each one is only 3 prims, copy & modify.
So set them out in areas of your home that need some soft lighting. I have these out in my skybox and on the beach sitting area on the parcel I share with my family. They are lovely and great if you want some light in the darkest of the night. Try them out, you will not be disappointed!

Lights Off...
Lights Off…

And… to show how much light you get at a midnight setting of the sun:

Lights On!
Lights On!

I would say just right! I love these jars at night. Just the right lighting! So come on by and get your set! That is this week’s $60L Weekends sale item.

Make sure you come see the new store layout and design when you come by. If you have not been by its all new! Very easy to find stuff and the teleport system is still in place for your convenience.


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