Why do You Relay?

It is only a few days until Fantasy Faire starts and I am literally on the edge of my seat I’m so excited. Being a Merchant means I get early access to all the sims and zomg… all I gotta say is … ZOMG. I mean… the sims are AMAZING! I really think you are going to love Fantasy Faire this year. 10 sims of goodness.. yes TEN!!! And of course, it’s all for a good cause.


A few weeks ago, on the Fantasy Faire website, the question was posed to us, “Why do YOU Relay?” and it got me thinking, why DO I relay? Why do I want to be in Fantasy Faire so badly? I mean besides the obvious reason that Fantasy Faire is fantabulous and awesome. I have friends who are Cancer survivors and I do this for them. I do this because I had a scare and for 3 agonizing days we thought that I might have Lymphoma. Tests revealed that I did not have cancer, but Sarcoidosis instead, which… was better… I think…. maybe… not sure… the jury is still out. But those three days were some of the scariest I have ever faced. I was confronted with the fact that no matter what, life as I knew it, was never going to be the same again. My life is permanently changed. I have a life long disease and nothing is ever going to change that. So I relay because I understand the fear and the life changes that come with this.


People that know me have often heard me complain about the area I live in, however lately I have become very proud of this town. There was a young lady by the name of Lauren Hill who was diagnosed with cancer and had been given 2 months. She fought well past those two months, and fulfilled many of the things on her wish list. She got to play basketball on her highschool’s team and constantly raised awareness about cancer and the fight for a cure. She never gave up hope and she always had a smile and a good attitude. Lauren died about a week ago and her highschool has retired her jersey number which will hang forever in their gymnasium as a reminder. The entire town has rallied behind her family and driving down the street you can see “Remember Lauren” and other such sayings on almost every sign for restaurants, car stores, even the hardware store. It’s times like this that seem to bring out the best in people. So I relay for Lauren.


When Fantasy Faire starts on Thursday, April 23rd, and we all go flocking to shop, hunt, and marvel, I hope we all take a moment and remember why Fantasy Faire exists.


I know this was a more serious post than what I usually do, but sometimes… things need to be serious. Never take anything for granted. Live life to the fullest. Enjoy a sunset…. I won’t suggest a sunrise cuz honestly I’m rarely up for them. Hug your family. But most of all, LOVE LIFE and BE HAPPY.


Corvi Ashdene

Owner of The Dark Fae



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