New Store & New $60L Weekend Item!!! TDF’s Kitty Jarlights!!!

Faenatics of The Dark Fae’s Jarlights? Here is yet another set for your collections! This time cute little kitties surround the glass jar on The Dark Fae’s Kitty Jarlights! These jars are adorned with kitties all around the glass on the jars and they also have the particle lights inside each one.

Each one is only 3 prims, copy & modify. They come in Blue, Pink & Purple.

Adboard Kitty Jarlights

I have these on the beach sitting area on my parcel! Been rotating my Jarlight sets!  They are great if you want some soft light in the darkest of the night. And its getting darker sooner here now that fall is coming.

TDF Kitty Jarlights_001

And, what a great version of them! We’ve had Fairies and Butterflies but now we’ve got kitties! So all you kitty lovers and TDF Jarlight fans, come on by and grab your set!

TDF Kitty Jarlights_002

And! The Dark Fae has moved to its own parcel! So if you did not know, you really need to stop by the store and check out what Corvi’s has been busy doing! She’s been a busy, busy lady! Don’t forget there is the Midnight Madness board and more great stuff to see at the store!

And here is the new SLurl:

~ The Dark Fae ~ Mainstore ~


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