TDF’s Boardwalk Flats – Skittles – 60L Weekends

Hi Dark Faenatics!

Corvi’s got some cute colorful little flats called Boardwalk Flats in the Skittles version. They are made for Slink Flat Feets and have a 4 Color HUD for the Leather Straps.

Adboard Boardwalk Skittles

The straps are covered with pastel gems in various colors. The HUD will give you a choice of four different color straps: Brown, Black, Creamy White or a Metallic Gray.

TDF - Boardwalk Flats Action

They are Copy, Modify and Un-rigged Mesh, so you can adjust them as needed (if needed!). They are a very comfortable sandal, great for the beach, running around town, or for that extended shopping day!

TDF - Boardwalk Flats - Skittles_003

These are the 60L Weekends sale item! A great pair of sandals for a great price! Stop by the store and grab yourself a pair of the Boardwalk Flats – Skittles and, if you have not seen the new store yet, get by here and take a look! Here is your ride!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point




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