Halloweeny 60L Weekend Item!!!

Hi Faenatics!
We are back with a 60L Weekend item just in time for your Halloween outfits! The Dark Fae’s Webcuffs in both Silver and Gold. These earrings have your whole earlobes covered.


Adboard Webcuffs

The earring with the dangling spider as if from its web hangs below your ear. A chain either in Silver or Gold connects from the webcuff to the spider. They are Unrigged Mesh and Copy, Modify. The enclosed note from Corvi about ear measurements works perfectly! I changed mine to the sizes mentioned in the note and no more movement of the earrings were needed.


Webcuffs - Ears_005


There are two sets of webcuffs/earrings in this deal. One in Gold and one set in Silver. Here is the Silver! I love them! I was looking for something to add to an outfit and I have a lot of Spider, Webby, Cobweb outfits this year. They seem to be all the rage this Halloween. And this is the perfect compliment to the outfits. The Dark Fae Webcuffs.

Webcuffs - Ears_007

Your $60L Item for 60L Weekends – The Dark Fae Webcuffs, perfect for the season or anytime you want. Here is your teleport to get there:

 The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point


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