Stay Warm in Plaid Kitteh Red! 60L Weekends Item

Something to keep you warm during this winter season continues!!! This red plaid tunic length top has a cute kitteh skull and crossbones decal on the front, low-cut (SEXY!!!), and has three-quarter length sleeves. It is paired with black leggings. Also available in 7 other colors and you can also buy a fatpack if you want them all!

Adboard PlaidKitteh Red

So, now is your chance to get this outfit at a great low price! Or purchase the Fatpack with all 8 colors! It is Rigged Mesh (shirt only), Mod & Copy. And this weekend, you can have it in Red for 60L! So here it is in action along with Corvi’s Love in the Library – RED Slink High Heels and TDF’s Krissmuss Cups of Sitting (Purple Cup pic), which has five poses in it and is transferable for gifting(available at the Twisted Krissmus Event).

Plaid Kitteh - RED
Plaid Kitteh – RED  &  Love in the Library – RED Slink High Heels  &  Krissmuss Cups of Sitting

And here is a closer look at the Plaid Kitteh Red outfit with the Love in the Library Shoes…

Plaid Kitteh - RED_020-Dark Edged

So be sure to stop by The Dark Fae and pick yours up!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point


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