Attention, Ladies & Gentlemen!!! Your $60L Weekend Items!

This weekend The Dark Fae has another Holiday Gown for your festive pleasure. The Holiday Gown – Purple is just one of the sale items for this weekend’s 60L Weekends. Yes, there are two items this time and there is one for the ladies and one for the men! And Ladies, you are going to love both of them!

Adboard Holiday Gown Purple

This Holiday Gown is a beautiful shade of purple and lavender. It is Rigged Mesh, Copy and Modify and comes in 7 sizes. You will be the center of attention in this gorgeous gown! Pair it with the Love in the Library Slink High Shoes of the same color and you are all set!

Holiday Gown Purple Collage
TDF’s Holiday Gown – Purple

And for only $60 Lindens, its also a great deal, a steal you might say! As you can see I took this out on the town to a ballroom to show it off and get in a few dances at a Sadie Hawkins dance. That was unexpected, so I had to do the asking but I did get lots of compliments on this gown from quite a few of the ladies themselves!

TDF's Holiday Gown - Purple_005
Mel @ Frank’s Jazz Place

And, if you need a reminder of the Love in the Library Slink High Shoes, here they are too:

Adboard LitL Purple

And, the second item is for the guys. Check out the I Heard I Was In Town Leather Sweater/Jacket set. Ladies, you will love your man in this! It is Rigged Mesh, Copy, Modify and comes with a color change HUD for both the jacket and sweater.

Adboard - TDF's I Heard I Was In Town FOR MEN

Yes, this is a brand new item in the store for the men! And introducing Bean! Corvi’s male model for her men’s items. And it looks great on this him, don’t you think? Your man can look just as good in this jacket too! Gentleman, get down here to get a great deal! You know they are hard to find!

I Heard I Was In Town - Bean - Collage
TDF’s I Heard I Was In Town Sweater/Jacket set

Don’t miss out on these great deals! I look forward to seeing you all stopping by the store!

~The Dark Fae – Landing Point~

Details on Bean’s full look:
Sweater/Jacket: TDF’s I Heard I Was in Town Sweater/Jacket set
Jeans: Swarm Jeans – Forsaken (past Twisted gift)
Skin: Thorn (Medium) The Gradient  – Labyrinth
Hair: Jett/Brett – Black – MINA
Hands: Slink Hands
House: GSTAAD – InVerse
Snow: Snow/Rain mesh – Botanical
Location: Corvi’s Winter Home
Windlight: Ambient Grey


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