The Valentine Bears of Cuteness!!! $60L Weekends Item

Need something to add some cuteness around the house this Valentine’s Day?
These are soooo cute! This little duo of cuteness will melt your heart!

Adboard Vday Bears of Cuteness
The Valentine Bears of Cuteness from The Dark Fae will bring warmth to your home, your heart and to all your visitors!

Valentine Bears of Cuteness 001 - Framed

Valentine’s Day will come very soon so why not start your decorating or prep for decorating by adding these little cuties to your decor? Great price and they are Copy & Modify too. They are 9 prims land impact and are they are mesh.

Valentine Bears of Cuteness Resized Lgr - Framed
If you re-size them larger the land impact will also rise.
I re-sized these larger than my computer screens behind them and the land impact went up to 14.
Still not bad, so remember that! But still, they are just too cute!!!

Pick up your adorable little pair of Valentine Bears of Cuteness this weekend before the sale is over!

~The Dark Fae – Landing Point~


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