Te Amo <3 <3 <3 Violet for 60L Weekends!

Heya Dark Fanatics! It’s that wonderful time of the year again when love is in the air, romance surrounds us, mushy date movies and all things sexy are everywhere to be seen! And the Te Amo shoes from The Dark Fae say all those things!

They are beautiful, colorful, romantic, and the name is filled with the spirit of this Valentine’s Day weekend!

Adboard Te Amo Violet

This pair comes in Violet, Unrigged Mesh and they are Copy & Modify. Made for Slink High Feet, but modify so you can shape them to your specific feet if needed. And they are a very pretty violet color with hearts covering the straps as if they are floating and fluttering around your every step!  The heels are molded into a heart shape that can easily be seen from the sides.

And here they are in action, a casual pant and a slightly dressy look to compare:

Te Amo Violet Pants & Dress Looks

And a closer look at the Te Amo Heels themselves:

Te Amo Slink Heels - A Closer Look

Come grab yourself a pair this weekend and check out the new store! If you did not know already, The Dark Fae has moved to a gorgeous new sim! Into a much larger building, so plan to spend some time looking around and enjoying the views there. Make sure to get a new landmark!

And!!! The Dark Fae is also at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival with her Gladiator Platform Heels Gacha! Don’t miss out on that either!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point


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