I Tried!! I Really, Really Tried! – Say It With Style ~ Dark Blue

Hi Dark Faenatics! Have you ever had that feeling of I just don’t give a *bloop*!? I know I have! Wouldn’t you like for people to know before they approach you with whatever load they might want to dump unnecessarily? You can with this weekends 60 Linden Weekends Item, you can Say It With Style!

This is Say It With Style – Dark Blue. This is a Strappy Tank with a sleeveless cardigan over it. And the expression of your level of caring all over the tank which can be clearly seen when approaching you. So maybe you will head them off at the pass! And it’s certainly comparable to the way SL treats us from time to time or many times in a day!

Adboard Say It With Style Dark Blue

I added some leggings like in the ad above (via appliers) and The Dark Fae’s Boardwalk Flats in Opal and proceeded on my way to find the Twisted Box in Corvi’s store! And it was not easy! But I looked good while I was searching! Lol!

Since I was there so long, I took the time to take some pictures of this cute, comfy outfit!

Say It With Style Collage

Here you see the Say It With Style – Dark Blue tank & cardigan, the Boardwalk Flats in Opal and only one of the extra hunt prizes I found in the side hunt which TDF is part of during the hunt. The Odyssey bracelet is only one of the many side hunt gifts! And the only one I’ve had time to unpack to add to this post!

So come snatch up this deal on the Say It With Style – Dark Blue Tank and Sweater set! You will love it! It is Copy & Modify too.

I am wearing it in the large size on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (with very minimal alphas) and the sandals with Slink Flat Feet. It comes with an alpha for Standard Avatars too.

Have you been to the new store on the new sim?! Well, it’s bigger and very open and very beautifully decorated in a Japanese style building! And now here is your teleport link to visit the store!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point


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