A Migration Of A Different Kind for 60L Weekends

The birds are returning and Spring is on its way (for most of us I hope!). But just in case it isn’t, here are some boots to keep those feet warm on the cooler days of Spring ahead. This weekend Corvi has us protected from the cold with her Migration Boots!

Adboard Migration

This is like a fatpack pair, it comes with a HUD with 9 color options. They are Copy & Modify for Slink Flat Feet (Rigged) and a Standard Unrigged Mesh set. And very easily used with the Maitreya Flat Feet by just hiding the feet with your body HUD. I feel they look kinda steampunky too. They have some black ruffles and pearls on the outside and a skull fabric design on the inside.
And they still look totally badass!

So I went to a sim where a migration of a different kind has happened…Seems like everyone has left this place deserted…

Migration Boots Collage #1
Everwinter – Post Apocalyptic Sim

Sadly there was nothing very pleasant there to see except the Migration Boots in action! They stood up to the terrain and kept me warm. So after the investigation, I left to head home and wind down.

Migration Boots Collage #2
Close up – Migration Boots

So come on by the store and grab your pair and while you are there, make sure to find the Twisted Hunt Prize and try out the side hunt too! There are many more gifts to be found and all free from The Dark Fae! Along with others to find too! So grab this deal on the Migration Boots then grab the bonuses from the Twisted Hunt! The Dark Fae alone has 5 prizes total if you can finish the side hunt! And check out the new store if you haven’t already! It’s very spacious and the sim is gorgeous!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point

Flickr Pics (Larger versions)


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