Sammy Purrs Shoes – 60 Linden Weekends Sale!

Hey Dark Faenatics!!!
Corvi is back again with more newness for your shoe desires, dreams, fetishes, or dare I say addictions? Whatever you want to call it, or how you may define it! It’s all about the shoes we must have!

This week the new shoe from The Dark Fae are the Sammy Purrs Shoes. This is a chunky high heel shoe that has 8 color options for the shoe, the straps and the gems. AND, it comes in both Slink and Maitreya sizes. So if you have the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, you can easily fit these shoes too!

Adboard Sammy Purrs

The straps are different colors of animal prints and the shoes and gems are matching dark colors.  They are Copy & Modify and come in Rigged and Unrigged Mesh. I have a similar pair in RL myself!

I’ve paired these with the Quietly Making Noise outfit in Brown:

Sammy Purrs Shoes Collage

These pair very nicely! And you can find the outfit at The Dark Fae too! But if you are a fan, then you already know that!

A closer look at the shoes themselves:

Sammy Purrs Shoes - Brown - Maitreya_001

Such a nice pair of heels, right? These are shown on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.

Sammy Purrs Shoes - Brown - Maitreya_004

These work for business or casual. So don’t miss this deal! And here is your ride!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point


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