Fantasy Faire is HERE!


I wait all year for Fantasy Faire. It is by far my most favorite event, both to be in, and to shop at. I am constantly in awe of the Sim designers who never fail with the most amazing and breathtaking builds every year and this year is no exception. There are 10 shopping sims plus Fairelands Junction and 3 other sims for DJing, Literary Readings, events, and many many more.

Fairelands Junction

Be sure to check the website for all the information. There are so many things to do at Fantasy Faire besides shopping. There are shows to catch, readings to listen to, roleplay to partake in! And of course, during all of this, non stop Fantasy Faire Radio is playing.

With all of this fantabulous stuff going on, it’s easy to forget the main reason Fantasy Faire exists. Is it a fabulously cool event to shop at? It most definitely is. But the most important thing to remember is, this is all for RFL. Relay For Life needs your help to beat Cancer and we can do it. Almost everyone has been touched by Cancer in some way. As you’re wandering the sims shopping, if you see one of the MANY RFL kiosks, drop a couple L’s in.. check what each store has out on the RFL boards before checking the rest of their merchandise. 100% of the money made from those RFL boards goes straight to RFL. Us Merchants don’t keep a dime. I have said this before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t care how much money I earn at Fantasy Faire, as long as my RFL boards sell well.

This year I am on the Dangarnon sim, which was created by the AMAZINGLY talented team of Jaimy Hancroft and Eowyn Swords.

I suppose you’d like to see what I have for you this year hmm? All right, here we go.



(yeah I know.. they spell it funny but it’s really a gacha)

100% of all money spent on the gacha goes to RFL

Adboard Believe Wall Art Gatcha

Beautiful Wall Art in 9 different colors. There is a Rare, which is a fatpack of all the colors.



These two items are both 100% to RFL.

Adboard Gothic Backpack Adboard Flying Backpack

These flying balloons backpacks are something fun and silly I made. There is an animation that kicks in when you wear it (you need to turn your AO off) so that you can float your way thru the Faire. The Backpacks have sizes for Normal, Petite, Dinkie, Tiny, and Curious Kitty’s Dolly av included!



This item will ONLY be available during Fantasy Faire. When the Faire is over, these will be gone forever.

Adboard Fantasy Event Shirt Slink Adboard Fantasy Event Shirt Aesthetic Adboard Fantasy Event Shirt Adam

Fabulous Rigged Mesh shirts for the guys! You get a HUD with 4 different texture choices, 5 Standard Size shirts, and ONE FITMESH shirt designed to fit a specific Mesh Body. Please look at the boards and make sure you purchase the shirt for YOUR mesh body. Fitmesh options are Aesthetic, Adam, and Slink.



These items will only be available at Fantasy Faire until the Event is over and then will be available at the Mainstore.

Adboard RenRen Venus Adboard RenRen Isis Adboard RenRen Dress Physique Adboard RenRen Dress Maitreya Adboard RenRen Dress Hourglass Adboard RenRen Dress Freya

This dress comes with a HUD with 9 dress colors, 9 corset colors, 9 string colors and 2 metal colors. zomg! It comes with 5 standard mesh sizes AND ONE FITMESH designed to fit a specific Mesh Body. Please look at the boards and purchase the option for YOUR mesh body. Your choices are Belleza Freya, Isis, and Venus, Slink Physique and Hourglass, and Maitreya.

Adboard RenRen Shoes Slink Adboard RenRen Shoes Maitreya Adboard RenRen Shoes Belleza

These shoes match the RenRen dress and come with a HUD of 9 colors. Please pay attention to the boards and purchase the shoes for YOUR Mesh body. Your choices are Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza.



The Quest!! This hunt is so much more than a hunt that it is now a Quest. It sends you all over the Fairegrounds to talk to different people. Can YOU save the day?! At the end your reward is a BAZILLION prizes from the Merchants of the Faire. It is so well worth doing. Every sim has signs up where you can purchase the HUD to begin your Quest. (100% of the purchase goes to RFL)

Adboard Skelly Dragon Necklace

UNRIGGED Mesh dragon skeleton necklace. This necklace comes in sizes for both Male and Female avi’s and has a HUD of 5 texture options.

Alright Faenatics, that’s the goods at TDF on Dangarnon at the Faire. Make sure you go and check out EVERYTHING and support this awesome charity.

Corvi Ashdene

Owner of The Dark Fae


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