All Hail Queen Alice!


P3’s Nightmares & Fairy Tales

Queen Alice

May 1st till 31st


Website with HINTS here!

This is a fairly small hunt but it should be a TON of fun. The hunt is a Dark Wonderland theme so expect lots of darkness and awesomeness.

I have created TWO prizes for this hunt, but don’t worry, they’re in the same hunt object so you only have to find one! For your hunting pleasure I have created

Dark Alice Boots

Adboard Dark Alice BootsThese boots are ready to kick whatever Wonderland has to throw at you. They are set up for SLINK High feet, and the Slink body altho I can wear them with my Maitreya body without issues. Just take the feet off.

Dark Wonderland Tree

Adboard Dark Wonderland TreeThis is a bit more whimsical, while still holding true to the Dark Wonderland theme. Teapots, Hatter Hats, and Teacups appear to be growing out of this tree.

I hope you enjoy my prizes and I really hope you have fun with this hunt!


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