Captivated Ring & A Watch With No Name!

Sixty Linden Weekend is back! The Dark Fae has two items for you this weekend and one is for the ladies and the other for the men! I am happy to present you with the Captivated Ring and the Watch With No Name!

Adboard Captivated Ring

First, the Captivated Ring!
As you can see, there are three items on this ring you can change. The metal, the large gem and the smaller stones. All controlled by the HUD with six options for the stones and the gem and three for the metals. It is Unrigged mesh so you can move it into the perfect position as needed. I have worn it on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body Hands in the following pictures:

The Dark Fae - Captivating Ring & Stained Glass Nails_001

I am all decked out in purple so I chose the large gem to be purple and the surrounding small stones to be in blue to match my nails. The metal is silver here, the metal color I prefer on my jewelry. And I did a collage to show you the other metal colors.

TDF's Captivating Ring Collage

There is a top view of the ring and then the metal colors around the edges beginning with Black, Silver and Gold.

And you can see the new “The Dark Fae” Logo! It’s a bit brighter now. This weekend, the Captivated Ring is on sale for $60L! What a deal! And!!! Gentlemen! There is a very stylish watch for you this week and again, for only $60L.

The Watch With No Name
Adboard Watch With No NameAlso in Unrigged mesh and resizable to fit your wrist perfectly!

This is a very nice looking watch and has a marble-ish face and keeps SL time for you. Don’t be without this watch! The black leather band is studded with silver studs around the band of the watch. This one is for you guys!

Watch With No Name for Men - Shrunken

Very nice, right? I know!!!

But only for this weekend’s Sixty Linden Weekend Sale! So make sure you come on out and grab yours before its over!

Here is the landmark you need to get you here!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point

Hope to see you there!

Also seen:
Nails by [:Rad Designz:] – Stained Glass Nails (new this week)

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