How would you like to own a castle … ?

Adboard Cliffton Castle

I have been lucky enough to blog for The Dark Fae, and even luckier that the first item I get to blog is this amazing castle!  The Cliffton Castle is massively awesome, looking absolutely humongous but only having a 40X40 footprint and 238LI.  That’s stunning, considering you get two stories above the cliffs and a HUGE basement/dungeon!  I’m including the promo photo so you can visualize it on your property … !  And in the pictures (you can see them here), you can see the interior more – imagine what all you could do with those huge rooms!  And that reallllly huge dungeon!  The texturing is amazing as well, and you can just picture this castle sitting alone on a cliff top, battered by the wind and waves but shouting defiance and standing strong.  And it costs … wait for it … brace yourself … only $950L!

Just look at it … imagine it furnished with your stuff … sitting on your land … oh it so makes me wish I had a sim …!

You just have to go here: so hurry!


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