It’s Time for SOS Once Again


YAY It’s time for SOS again! Spoonful Of Sugar is a fantabulous event that raises money for Drs Without Borders (MSF) which is a fantabulous charity! They help people all over the world who can’t afford medical care. To find out more about MSF go HERE

SOS is running Sept 16th till Oct1st, which means it STARTED TODAY! zomg! You need to go now! Right now! To visit the SOS event go HERE We have 5 sims for you to enjoy this time.. yep! 5! The main center sim has Fashion Shows, Gacha Orchard, One Of A Kind Silent Auctions, The Raffle House (yup you get a gorgeous house STUFFED with furniture all donated by our H&G merchants) and raffles for gift cards from amazing stores like Truth, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Roawenwood, Emotions, and many many more. The other 4 sims are full of stores for your shopping pleasure. These are a mix of Fashion and H&G and these merchants really put out some amazing things.

Right, so by now you’re probably wondering, “Corvi what did you MAAAAKKKEEEEE” I’ll tell you! I made shirts and shoes for the gals. GUYS!! I MADE UTILIKILTS!!! Yes! I finally made kilts for y’all! and I gotta say, I think they turned out pretty dang nice. So let’s go look at the pretty pictures!

I’m gonna start with the guys cuz I really am excited about these kilts. My guy was gracious enough to let me take a picture of him wearing one (he hasn’t taken them off since I made them), dressed with shirt, jacket, etc so you can see how awesome they work with.. well.. everything!

Kilted David

Nice right?! The kilt that is… yeah… right.. we’ll go with that. >.>

*What is he wearing?!*

A&D Clothing -Blazer -Paolo- Mesh GIANNI
CATWA HEAD Daniel [SL Neck] v2.13
Cult Kilt Boots Signature
TDF’s Cultural Infidel (Signature) Black
[NeurolaB Inc.] N-Watch Digital (V.1.2)
Applier t-shirt

The leather kilt is my 100% donation item, and the other colors are 50%. Every kilt comes with a hud to choose between black and brown belt, and for the metal you can change it to gold, silver, and black. They come in the 5 standard sizes plus fitmesh for… almost every body out there. so.. yay!

now then.. the next item up is SHOOZE!! yay shoes!I made two different styles of shoes this time. A gothy ballet slipper and an amazing vintage style shoe that I gave a little bit of an updated flair.  All these shoes are 50% donations.


Adboard Mademoiselle Fatpack

you can see by the number of textures why I am not showing them all individually here. It would be HUGE! However, I am going to share one. This particular individual texture is not available at SOS, it is available at a wonderful little event called Hope After Harvey that is raising money for Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston. The money is being split between the American Red Cross and the Houston ASPCA because our furred babies need help too! This shoe will be there until the 20th and then will be at SOS after that.

Adboard Mademoiselle Country Chic

So.. shirts… I kinda went overboard on the shirts this time. I think there was over 22 different textures and I split them up into 3 minipacks. I’m only going to show the minipack photos for obvious reasons, but each shade is also available individually, as usual, as well. The AUTUMN PACK and AUTUMN individual shirts are 100% items and the rest are 50%. Yes.. EVERYTHING in my store is either 100% or 50% donation.

Adboard Honey Do Autumn PackAdboard Honey Do Summer PackAdboard Honey Do Gothic Pack

Tell me these don’t look cute! As an added bonus my One Of A Kind item is also one of these shirts but I added stuff to it to make it even cuter!

Adboard Honey Do OOAK

Just to make your life easier I’m gonna give you a slurl that will land you right in front of my store! yays!! To find all this amazing stuffs go HERE

So that’s it my Faenatics! I hope you go check out this amazing event and shop! Buy all the things! Not just mine. There are some amazing things, my wallet is already crying because of all the things I want. It’s an amazing cause and definitely worth supporting. The events coordinator for MSF’s America chapter comes in frequently to tell us what MSF has been up to and how our money has helped people. It’s been so wonderful to be part of this.


The Wash’s Cart Sale is here!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of The Wash’s events but Shadowed and Grace threatened to do painful things to me if I didn’t sign up for this one sooooo…. I signed up! The Wash Cart Sales are awesomely fabulous things. EVERYTHING is only 10L! YES! EVERYTHING! The Wash is running from June 21st till July 5th. To learn more, and to see daily blogs of photos go to their website here: The Wash Website

So, when I decided to do this I got pondering as to what I could make, and thanks to some helpful prodding from a certain Sir, I was reminded that guys really have very little in the way of options and cool stuff. So… this time I made stuff for you guys.

Boat Drinks Shorts come with ALL THE THINGS. No seriously, they really do. You have a choice of 5 different colors, Red, Grey, Green, Blue or Brown. Each of these colors come with fitmesh for Aesthetic, Adam, Slink, Signature, AND Belleza’s new male body Jake. On top of that, you actually get TWO fitmesh for each body. A Tight option and a Loose option. Tight is for when you want to go shirtless and show off those yummy pecks. Loose is for when you wear shirts. We tested the loose with several different shirts and we didn’t see any major clipping.

The other item I made, was something just for fun cuz I love being silly. BUNNY SLIPPERS!! But these are funky cool bunny slippers with sunglasses and everything. There is a pair for WOMEN, and a pair for MEN. These slippers are UNRIGGED. I have the female set for Maitreya feet, and the male to Signature feet, but they shouldn’t need very much modding or movement for any of the other bodies and feet out there. I made a 9 color hud for them so you can have a ton of fun wearing zebra bunnies or cheshire bunnies or whatever!

Adboard Funky Bunny MenAdboard Funky Bunny Women

So that’s my Summer Wash items! I hope you enjoy them and tell all your friends about it! And remember, IT’S ALL ONLY 10L!!! To visit the wash, please take this SLURL: The Wash

Corvi Ashdene


Fantasy Faire is Here Again!


ZOMG YAY!!! Fantasy Faire! My Mosted Favorite Event of the YEAR!!! I seriously wait all year for this event. There are 11 sims this year.. YES ELEVEN!! zomg! And so many cool things are going on as well. There is, of course, the shopping, but there is also, The Quest, the Literary Events, the guest authors who will be coming to speak and read to us, roleplay events, cool shows to watch, and… the Worldlings. Now, you’re probly scratching your head asking what the heck a worldling is, I know I did. I shall explain. You know how at the Main Portal Sim each portal is decorated to give you a mini look at what that whole sim looks like? That’s kinda what a Worldling is. Decorators and Creators were asked to create a “mini world” of what MIGHT be a faireland someday. Think of it as a baby world that hasn’t reached it’s full potential yet.

This year the Worldlings are on the Anansi sim, which just happens to be which sim my store is on as well! So make sure you stop by! You can get links to all the Faire sims and find out more about all the cool stuff that is going on during Fantasy Faire at their Website here: Fantasy Faire Website Links will be available once the Faire opens on the 20th.

Now then.. on to the goodies! You remember, of course, that Fantasy Faire is a charity event to raise money for RFL (Relay for Life). I have lots of goodies for everyone to shop for. YAY! and MOST of it is new stuff. This is gonna take awhile, you might need some coffee for this.

Let’s start with the standalone RFL items.

The two backpacks are from last year, but I had several people ask me to bring them back so I have. They’re cute and fun. NEW this year, however, are the Unicorn Dream Slippers. They are UNRIGGED so with some adjusting you can get them to fit anything. I have them presized and set for Maitreya, Slink Flat, and Belleza already. All three of these items are 100% to RFL.

Next are the shooze. I kinda sorta maybe went overboard on shoes this year.

Adboard High Life Lace RFLAdboard High Life Lace Fatpack

First up is the High Life Thigh Highs in LACE. There is an EXCLUSIVE (will only ever be sold at RFL) purple that is 100% to RFL. There is a Fatpack, as shown here, and 19 individual colors for sale as well. As you can see on the Fatpack photo, there are 24 colors in the Fatpack, there are 5 colors that you can ONLY get in the fatpack.

Adboard High Life Solid RFLAdboard High Life Solid Fatpack

Next is the High Life SOLIDS. Again, there is an EXCLUSIVE RFL Purple that is 100% to RFL. And just like the Lace version, there is a fatpack with 5 colors that are only available in the Fatpack, however there are 20 individual colors for sale as well.

Now we have my favorite sneakers ever! Simplicity. There is a Fatpack of 20 SOLID colors that you can only buy as a fatpack. However, there is also a Fatpack of the Glams (silver is only in the Fatpack) and individual colors for sale. I have made the Purple one a 100% to RFL item but it will not be exclusive.

Adboard Someday Purple

Guys stuff! YAY! I have set the Purple Someday shirt to 100% to RFL, but all the other colors are available as well (See my SOS post to see all the colors)

Adboard Another Road

This has been out for a bit, but I never blogged it. (made it while the store was shut down) I thought you guys could use some more jeans. There are other items for guys as well, but they’re older items so I’m not going to show pics of them. You’ll just have to stop by Fantasy Faire to find out! NYAH! lol

And last, but not least, I updated my rp club that I made awhile back. I put a second floor on it so there would be an area for umm… lapdances.. yeah… and stuff… This club was made with rp sims in mind and yes, I freely admit, it’s corny and totally wrong on so many levels, but it’s FUN!!! I mean, who wouldn’t want a strip club named The TongueLashing?!

Alright that’s it folks, I admit, I have never made this many color choices before and I want to get your feedback on if you want me to continue making this many colors.

I love you all! and PLEASE go check out ALL the stores at Fantasy Faire and help support RFL!

Corvi Ashdene

Spoonful of Sugar Event

SOS 2017 Spring sign

It’s that time again! SOS is upon us and I have NEW THINGS for it! YAY NEW STUFF!!

As the poster says, this is a charity event that raises money for Doctors Without Borders. This is a fabulous charity and I am thrilled to say that I have been asked to be a member of the SOS committee to help plan all upcoming SOS events. There are 2 Fashion Sims, 2 Home & Garden (and breedables) Sims and the Main Sim which has One Of A Kind Silent Auctions and Gachas! GO visit the SOS Spring Event!

Now, on to the good stuff. What did Corvi make?! Corvi has shirts! For guys and girls! YES!!! there are shirts for you guys! zomg!

For the gals, I made a wonderful tshirt. It is available in 6 different colors, each with it’s own hud of 8 graphic choices to wear on your shirt. They’re all spring themed graphics. The PINK option is 100% to SOS while the rest are 50% to SOS.

For the guy I made a long sleeved shirt, in 6 different colors. I went solids for you since it’s hard for me to do graphics without it going too girly.  The GREY shirt is 100% to SOS while the other colors are 50%.

As a fun extra I also made some fantabulous sneakers! I am totally in love with these sneakers by the way so expect to see several versions of them in the future. All the sneakers are 50% to the charity and they come in a variety of colors plus a hudded Fatpack.

That’s all of em! See? I have been busy! Honest! lol I’m busy working on new stuff as we speak. To purchase all these delightful items, go to SOS starting on March 18th. I’m on Fashion Sim 2!! And make sure you check out ALL the stores and help support an amazing cause.

Love you all!


New Look, New Mainstore

Wow.. it’s been awhile since I posted anything in here.


So… HI! I’m back! As many of you know, I shut the inworld store down at the end of October. At the time, it was what I needed. I had gotten burnt out doing multiple events a month. All I was doing anymore was building for events and never putting anything new out just for fun. I had forgotten some of the reasons I joined SL in the first place. So, I closed down and took a step back from building. I took time to rediscover the things I love about SL. I started roleplaying again and met someone who eventually collared me.

After awhile tho, I started feeling the urge to build again. I admit it, I’m addicted to creating things. I still wasn’t ready to have a store again tho, so I only released the items in Marketplace. Finally I felt the need to have a store once more and spent several days setting one up… to decide 2 days later that I hated it and tore it down and built a new one. The new Mainstore is totally different from anything I’ve done before and I hope you love it as much as I do. I totally blame Mi Gallery with her amazing aquariums.

The Mainstore is going to remain small. I will only have Gachas and New Releases there. As I bring in new items the existing items will immediately retire to Marketplace. Why am I doing this? Well.. because I can’t afford a large store anymore. I can’t afford the parcel needed to have all my things out on display. I wish I could, but it’s just not feasible. That said, if there is ever anything you see on my Marketplace that you want to see a demo of, like any of the prefabs etc, please contact me and I will rezz one out for you to look at.

This is going to be a new chapter for The Dark Fae. I am not going to be in a bazillion events anymore. I will be picking and choosing which events I do. As of writing this, Feb 21st 2017, I am committed to being in SOS in March and I will be in Fantasy Faire in April. Beyond that, I have no idea. I am going to try to have more releases that are just for fun and for you, my amazing Faenatics. I am also going to do my best to create more items for guys and to HOPEfully keep this blog up to date. No promises on the blog tho…

Again, I love you all, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. And here’s a peek at what the mainstore looks like now!



Corvi Ashdene

Owner of The Dark Fae

Totally Top Shelf Is Coming!

Ohai! Corvi here with a sneak peek for all of you Faenatics out there who are wanting to see what I have for Totally Top Shelf.

totally topshelf

Totally Top Shelf
June 3rd till 23rd
Landmark Here

So let’s get into it shall we?

I have two NEW and EXCLUSIVE items for TTS.

I am not going to cover the other items I have up for sale as they are newer but not new items.

My Eye On You Mask is a steampunk mask with a targeting system in one eye and chains over the other. The entire thing is surrounded by metal rings and has a cog attached to one of the bottom rings just to prove how fancy you are. The mask is hudded to the hilt. EVERYTHING changes colors and textures. The scope, the mask, the rings, the cog… everything! It is unrigged so you can edit it to make it fit any size head.

Viva Las Vegas takes you to the wonderful world of showgirls and strippers. Every Urban Roleplay dancer needs these! The heel is made up of gem covered dice and the platform part of the shoe is a tipjar and OH LOOK! Someone has already tipped you! These shoes are ONLY for SLINK HIGH FEET (I couldn’t get them to adjust for maitreya..sorry) and are UNRIGGED

Both these items are Materials Enabled


ALL my items at the TTS Event will be 50% off AT THE EVENT ONLY.

This would be the time to grab some of these items! and yes guys, I put out something for you too!








What the heck is Corvi wearing?

Body: Maitreya Lara

Feet: Slink High

Skin: Pink Fuel; Alyx (latte shade)

Shape: Pink Fuel; Alyx (fairly modified)

Eyes: Ikon; Lucid Eyes; Purplexion

Lipstick: Pink Fuel; Glossy Pout Lipstick DEEP Plum

Outfit: Dead Dollz; Lenora Outfit – Black

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Julia Mesh Hair – Ash

Jewelry: !CD Mia Jewelry Black

Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ Fierce Flora Tattoo Set

Shoes: TDF’s Viva Las Vegas Shoes (Slink)

Mask: TDF’s My Eye On You Mask

All Hail Queen Alice!


P3’s Nightmares & Fairy Tales

Queen Alice

May 1st till 31st


Website with HINTS here!

This is a fairly small hunt but it should be a TON of fun. The hunt is a Dark Wonderland theme so expect lots of darkness and awesomeness.

I have created TWO prizes for this hunt, but don’t worry, they’re in the same hunt object so you only have to find one! For your hunting pleasure I have created

Dark Alice Boots

Adboard Dark Alice BootsThese boots are ready to kick whatever Wonderland has to throw at you. They are set up for SLINK High feet, and the Slink body altho I can wear them with my Maitreya body without issues. Just take the feet off.

Dark Wonderland Tree

Adboard Dark Wonderland TreeThis is a bit more whimsical, while still holding true to the Dark Wonderland theme. Teapots, Hatter Hats, and Teacups appear to be growing out of this tree.

I hope you enjoy my prizes and I really hope you have fun with this hunt!