How Lovely Shoes & Socks Now @ The Wash Cart Sale

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air and that is what this round of The Wash Cart Sale is all about! And The Dark Fae is here with a loads of cute gothy darks and pastel shoes and socks called the TDF’s – How Lovely Shoes. These come in many different patterns and springy colors. The How Lovely Socks also come in the same patterns and colors. Today I am showing you the How Lovely Shoes Skullys in a few of the available colors.

The Dark Fae How Lovely Shoes

I think they go rather nicely with a few of the colors included with this dress from +FCC+ called Genesys.

The Dark Fae – How Lovely Shoes (Blue, Purple, Orange)

As you can see, these are a bit on the dark side, I like the darker colors but there are quite a few other colors and there are five various patterned or solid shoes and socks. Here are a few of the other colors in The Dark FaeHow Lovely Shoes – Skullys set. Still dark here, but we are getting to the pastels! Also in the background you see a few other items you can find at The Wash Cart Sale as well!

TDF’s How Lovely Shoes – Solids – Black & Red

These are the How Lovely Shoes – Solids and the shoes all have a thigh high sock attached where the patterns (or solids) show. Cute buttons and bows form a line up the back of your legs. Here you see the back of your legs on the solid black shoes and the front of the red shoes. Very sleek fabric with the solids.

TDF – How Lovely Socks – Hearts

And finally, here are a few of the prints on the TDFHow Lovely Socks and appropriately showing the Hearts patterns since these are the ones you might really want this month! You can lounge around in these socks and stay warm and comfy while you are inside! Or just curling up by the fireplace too! The backside of the socks also have the bow and buttons line up the back of your legs. Both the socks and shoes each have a hud with 6 textures for the shoes/socks.

I am wearing them on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body but, they do come with many other mesh body sizes including: Belleza, Slink and Tonic.

So come on by The Wash Cart Sale: Spring Is In The Air Round and pick up some of these cute shoes and socks! I am sure you will love them! And they give you quite the boost in height as well! You might need to adjust your hover a bit for these, the shoes have a very tall platform heel!

The Wash Cart Sale: Spring Is In The Air – Jan 31st – Feb 14th
Website Gallery (Updating Regularly)

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The Dark Fae Brings You A Little Country, A Little Goth, Ladies and Mens All @ SOS

The SOS Event has begun! Yes, for all you Dark Faenatics, you can again find The Dark Fae at the SOS Event! Sexy, cute and country is how I would describe these new releases from The Dark Fae. For a more detailed description of the SOS event, and more pictures of the various colors, you can see Corvi’s previous post HERE. Or check the website. I suggest you look at Corvi’s post.


These are so cute and very sexy, the open front, tied, button up shirts in gingham patterns and in many colors. Many, many colors, so many that there are three mini packs of colors to choose from and all the individual colors are also available separately too. Here you see me wearing the Honey Do shirt on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. These come in sizes for Classic and Mesh Avatars and include sizes for Belleza, Maitreya, Slinks, Tonic and Standard Mesh sizes. The Bra you see here is not included, it is from the +FCC+ Leah outfit new in the store at Facepalm Clothing Company. Who also happens to be having a sale this week.


The other two mini packs are Summer and Gothic mini packs. There is also a special shirt with some added cuteness, so go check it out! Also, the Autumn mini pack and colors are all a 100% donation to Doctors Without Borders (MSF). The other two mini packs and colors are a 50% donation.


And of course, more shoes!


The Mademoiselle heels are rigged for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza high feet. There are many colors available again and a fatpack. There is one late arrival that will come from the Hope for Hurricane Harvey Victims when it ends on Sep 20th. So be back for that one or head out to that event to look at that pair. Otherwise, you can see a preview in Corvi’s previous post!

And finally, for the men…


There are kilts! New kilts in many colors as well, you can also change the metals and the belt colors on them too. And they are available in 7 colors at this event. Available separately or as a fatpack. Made for both Classic and Mesh Avatars it includes Standard sizing, Signature, Adam, Slink, Belleza and Aesthetic bodies. So come and get them guys! They look great! See Corvi’s post for better look than this one here! This event ends on October 1st and it’s for a great cause, don’t miss it!

Sep 16th to Oct 1st

The Dark Fae & SOS Event

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Hey Guys! The Dark Fae Has Newness For Your Summer Comfort! And Bunny Slippers, Ladies!!!

The Dark Fae is at The Wash Cart Sale (as you know already from the previous post) and she’s got some great men’s shorts just in time for summer! Along with some cute, fluffy little bunny slippers for both men and women. The TDF Boat Drinks Men’s Shorts are made for male mesh bodies only and they come in many male mesh body sizes! And they look great! Let’s take a look…

Here you see the TDF Boat Drinks (RED) men’s shorts in the Belleza Jake size. These shorts are made for mesh bodies only. So no alphas are included. They also come in 5 different colors and each one also has two versions, a tight fit and a loose fit. You get all the sizes: Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature and Slink, both the tight and loose fits for each size in each package. All for only $10 Lindens! It’s a great deal for you guys who have more than one mesh body for sure! I love when there are more than just the one size in a box, more freedom to use it when you really want to use them which means this great fit can be worn more often than not. And a great look for the Spring, Summer and Fall months. But hey, this is SL you can wear this anytime you like!
And, after seeing this in action on the Jake Belleza body, I didn’t see a lot of peeking thru on the legs either. Sadly, I don’t know how much alpha was used on the Jake body above, but I do know this was the Loose fit version.  Thank you to the model, Fenn MacMoragh for the okay to use his image in my posts!

Above you see the TDF Boat Drinks Green on the Adam Mesh Body. Again, you get all the sizes mentioned before and the loose and tight fits for each of those sizes. And again they fit great, I only had to do the alpha on the upper legs to avoid some slight peeking. The Loose fit is worn in the above photo.

And now the tight fit on the Adam Body. I really like these type of shorts on the men. The length and the overall look is very pleasing! So guys, don’t miss out on this great deal found only at The Wash Cart Sale thru July 5th.

Ladies! The ladies (and men!) item is the Funky Bunny Slippers! These cute, fluffy, colorful little bunnies are also beach ready wearing their sunglasses! These Funky Bunny Slippers come with a hud of 9 textures. They are unrigged so you can easily fit them to your mesh body of choice! I am wearing them here on the Maitreya Mesh Body (Flat Feet). And then the men’s on the Adam Body follows.

Yes! There is a men’s version! Also unrigged and with the 9 texture hud. So you and your hunny can have matching Funky Bunny Slippers!
And only $10L only at The Wash!

The Wash Cart Sale runs from June 21st to July 5th. Find The Dark Fae @ The Wash!

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Living the High Life!

The Dark Fae has some gorgeous thigh high boots in many colors at the Fantasy Faire this year. I have the RFL colors for you today and that means this purchase would be a 100% donation to the Relay for Life – American Cancer Society!

TDF High Life Solid RFL Boots – Purple

And then there are the Lacey ones too! Here is the RFL Version of those:

TDF High Life Lace RFL Boots – Purple

And they look great! There are many many colors to choose from in the store at the Fantasy Faire on Anasai. There are also 5 bonus colors in the Fatpack! This is only available at the Fantasy Faire. There are many unique items here you will only find at the Faire and that will not be available after the Faire.  There are only four days left! Don’t miss out!

What I am wearing:

Dress (Pic #1): F&M [ Oblivion ] * Impressionist Blooming Dress – MudranaFantasyFaire
Fountain & Backdrop Items: [HL] Fantasy Wayshrine – Raven’s PerchFantasyFaire
Dress (Pic #2): !dM deviousMind “Datura” **FF2017** – The RoseFantasyFaire
FantasyFaire Ends May 4th
Hair: !Head Desk! Sabita Previously @ The Dark Side 2 Fashion Fair (ended April 30th)
Eyes: .:Soul:. Deep Space Cat Eyes – Deo (New Group Gift)
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara & Bento Hands V4.1
Particles: Spyralle – Starseeker Trail of Stars (L & R Hand)
**Part of the Starseeker Costume at The Spirit Pool sim @ FantasyFaire**

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New Casuals For Men & Women @ the Spoonful of Sugar Festival

Hi Dark Fae-natics!!!!

New casuals for both men and women, brought to you by The Dark Fae! And only at the Spoonful of Sugar Event! It being St. Patrick’s Day (yesterday), I decided to don all the greens and take it out on the town! I found a lively little Irish Pub in Dublin of SL and hung out for a while talking to all the locals. And what a lively bunch they were! Very friendly and had all the green goodies out for everyone to enjoy, dancing up a storm and drinking themselves silly!


This is the TDFWhat a Wonderful World Green, and it comes in Belleza, Slink, Tonic and Maitreya sizes along with Standard mesh sizes too. It includes a HUD with 10 textures for the shirt and one of those is a solid green if you aren’t up for a design. I am wearing this on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. This Tee also comes in 6 different colors to choose from and when you purchase these, they will be a 50% donation to Doctors Without Borders. The What a Wonderful World PINK will be a 100% donation.


And for the men, The Dark Fae has the TDFSomeday shirt, which come in Adam, Aesthetic, Signature and Slink mesh body sizes along with Standard Mesh sizes too.



 Five colors are a 50% donation and Someday GREY is a 100% donation to Doctors Without Borders. The Someday shirts come in one solid color each. This is a very nice shirt for the men, I hope you all try it out!  There will be demos available at the event.

Also for the ladies! The tennis shoes seen in the first picture are also available at the SOS Festival. These are the TDFSplatterpaint Shoes for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink high feet. They are also a 50% Donation at the event and are also available separately or in a fatpack.

 You will find The Dark Fae on Fashion Sim #2 @ Spoonful of Sugar

Spoonful of Sugar Website and Sim Maps


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Captivated Ring & A Watch With No Name!

Sixty Linden Weekend is back! The Dark Fae has two items for you this weekend and one is for the ladies and the other for the men! I am happy to present you with the Captivated Ring and the Watch With No Name!

Adboard Captivated Ring

First, the Captivated Ring!
As you can see, there are three items on this ring you can change. The metal, the large gem and the smaller stones. All controlled by the HUD with six options for the stones and the gem and three for the metals. It is Unrigged mesh so you can move it into the perfect position as needed. I have worn it on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body Hands in the following pictures:

The Dark Fae - Captivating Ring & Stained Glass Nails_001

I am all decked out in purple so I chose the large gem to be purple and the surrounding small stones to be in blue to match my nails. The metal is silver here, the metal color I prefer on my jewelry. And I did a collage to show you the other metal colors.

TDF's Captivating Ring Collage

There is a top view of the ring and then the metal colors around the edges beginning with Black, Silver and Gold.

And you can see the new “The Dark Fae” Logo! It’s a bit brighter now. This weekend, the Captivated Ring is on sale for $60L! What a deal! And!!! Gentlemen! There is a very stylish watch for you this week and again, for only $60L.

The Watch With No Name
Adboard Watch With No NameAlso in Unrigged mesh and resizable to fit your wrist perfectly!

This is a very nice looking watch and has a marble-ish face and keeps SL time for you. Don’t be without this watch! The black leather band is studded with silver studs around the band of the watch. This one is for you guys!

Watch With No Name for Men - Shrunken

Very nice, right? I know!!!

But only for this weekend’s Sixty Linden Weekend Sale! So make sure you come on out and grab yours before its over!

Here is the landmark you need to get you here!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point

Hope to see you there!

Also seen:
Nails by [:Rad Designz:] – Stained Glass Nails (new this week)

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RenRen Dress for your 60L Weekends!

Hey Dark Fae-natics! If you missed The Dark Fae at the Fantasy Faire earlier this year, you may have missed out on this dress! And now you can get it for 60 Lindens! This weekend The Dark Fae has her RenRen Dress for the Maitreya Mesh Body for sale for the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale! You do not want to miss this one!

Adboard RenRen Dress Maitreya

It comes with a color change HUD with nine options for the Dress, Corset & Strings. Nine! There are three different colors for the metal rings and it is Copy and Modify. It also comes in Standard Mesh sizes and includes an alpha for standard/classic avatars.

RenRen Dress - Maitreya Collage

It fits great on my Maitreya Lara Mesh Body with minimal alpha cuts and looks great! It matches the RenRen Shoes offered a few weeks back too. And if you are looking for some RenRen Shoes for the Maitreya, she also has those in the store as well. They were also at the Fantasy Faire earlier this year.

RenRen Dress Maitreya_007

So make sure you come by the store and pick up your RenRen Dress! For only $60 Lindens this weekend, it’s a great deal! And feel as great as you will look in it! You are going to love it!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point

And don’t forget! The Dark Fae is also at The Wash Cart Sale too! That information and landmark will be in the group notices.