RenRen Dress for your 60L Weekends!

Hey Dark Fae-natics! If you missed The Dark Fae at the Fantasy Faire earlier this year, you may have missed out on this dress! And now you can get it for 60 Lindens! This weekend The Dark Fae has her RenRen Dress for the Maitreya Mesh Body for sale for the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale! You do not want to miss this one!

Adboard RenRen Dress Maitreya

It comes with a color change HUD with nine options for the Dress, Corset & Strings. Nine! There are three different colors for the metal rings and it is Copy and Modify. It also comes in Standard Mesh sizes and includes an alpha for standard/classic avatars.

RenRen Dress - Maitreya Collage

It fits great on my Maitreya Lara Mesh Body with minimal alpha cuts and looks great! It matches the RenRen Shoes offered a few weeks back too. And if you are looking for some RenRen Shoes for the Maitreya, she also has those in the store as well. They were also at the Fantasy Faire earlier this year.

RenRen Dress Maitreya_007

So make sure you come by the store and pick up your RenRen Dress! For only $60 Lindens this weekend, it’s a great deal! And feel as great as you will look in it! You are going to love it!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point

And don’t forget! The Dark Fae is also at The Wash Cart Sale too! That information and landmark will be in the group notices.



RenRen Slink High Shoes Are The Sixty Linden Weekends Sale Item!

If you missed out on The Dark Fae’s items at the Fantasy Faire, you can get one item for a steal this weekend! The Dark Fae has her RenRen Shoes for Slink High Feet out for the Sixty Linden Weekends sale item!

Adboard RenRen Shoes Slink

These shoes are gorgeous and sexy and they have a 9 color HUD so you can match them to many different outfits, but they also match perfectly with the RenRen Dress which was also at the Fantasy Faire and is available in the store too (just FYI), also sold by the various mesh body sizes.

RenRen Slink High Shoes Collage

Three color options on the 9 color HUD RenRen Shoes.

RenRen Shoes (dress 2 match)_002
RenRen Dress & Shoes

Don’t miss this deal! Come by the store and check it out! There are some really nice shoes on the MM too! Slap it and call it out in the group! I will help!

Your ride to the store:
The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point

Sammy Purrs Shoes – 60 Linden Weekends Sale!

Hey Dark Faenatics!!!
Corvi is back again with more newness for your shoe desires, dreams, fetishes, or dare I say addictions? Whatever you want to call it, or how you may define it! It’s all about the shoes we must have!

This week the new shoe from The Dark Fae are the Sammy Purrs Shoes. This is a chunky high heel shoe that has 8 color options for the shoe, the straps and the gems. AND, it comes in both Slink and Maitreya sizes. So if you have the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, you can easily fit these shoes too!

Adboard Sammy Purrs

The straps are different colors of animal prints and the shoes and gems are matching dark colors.  They are Copy & Modify and come in Rigged and Unrigged Mesh. I have a similar pair in RL myself!

I’ve paired these with the Quietly Making Noise outfit in Brown:

Sammy Purrs Shoes Collage

These pair very nicely! And you can find the outfit at The Dark Fae too! But if you are a fan, then you already know that!

A closer look at the shoes themselves:

Sammy Purrs Shoes - Brown - Maitreya_001

Such a nice pair of heels, right? These are shown on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.

Sammy Purrs Shoes - Brown - Maitreya_004

These work for business or casual. So don’t miss this deal! And here is your ride!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point

A Migration Of A Different Kind for 60L Weekends

The birds are returning and Spring is on its way (for most of us I hope!). But just in case it isn’t, here are some boots to keep those feet warm on the cooler days of Spring ahead. This weekend Corvi has us protected from the cold with her Migration Boots!

Adboard Migration

This is like a fatpack pair, it comes with a HUD with 9 color options. They are Copy & Modify for Slink Flat Feet (Rigged) and a Standard Unrigged Mesh set. And very easily used with the Maitreya Flat Feet by just hiding the feet with your body HUD. I feel they look kinda steampunky too. They have some black ruffles and pearls on the outside and a skull fabric design on the inside.
And they still look totally badass!

So I went to a sim where a migration of a different kind has happened…Seems like everyone has left this place deserted…

Migration Boots Collage #1
Everwinter – Post Apocalyptic Sim

Sadly there was nothing very pleasant there to see except the Migration Boots in action! They stood up to the terrain and kept me warm. So after the investigation, I left to head home and wind down.

Migration Boots Collage #2
Close up – Migration Boots

So come on by the store and grab your pair and while you are there, make sure to find the Twisted Hunt Prize and try out the side hunt too! There are many more gifts to be found and all free from The Dark Fae! Along with others to find too! So grab this deal on the Migration Boots then grab the bonuses from the Twisted Hunt! The Dark Fae alone has 5 prizes total if you can finish the side hunt! And check out the new store if you haven’t already! It’s very spacious and the sim is gorgeous!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point

Flickr Pics (Larger versions)

Attention, Ladies & Gentlemen!!! Your $60L Weekend Items!

This weekend The Dark Fae has another Holiday Gown for your festive pleasure. The Holiday Gown – Purple is just one of the sale items for this weekend’s 60L Weekends. Yes, there are two items this time and there is one for the ladies and one for the men! And Ladies, you are going to love both of them!

Adboard Holiday Gown Purple

This Holiday Gown is a beautiful shade of purple and lavender. It is Rigged Mesh, Copy and Modify and comes in 7 sizes. You will be the center of attention in this gorgeous gown! Pair it with the Love in the Library Slink High Shoes of the same color and you are all set!

Holiday Gown Purple Collage
TDF’s Holiday Gown – Purple

And for only $60 Lindens, its also a great deal, a steal you might say! As you can see I took this out on the town to a ballroom to show it off and get in a few dances at a Sadie Hawkins dance. That was unexpected, so I had to do the asking but I did get lots of compliments on this gown from quite a few of the ladies themselves!

TDF's Holiday Gown - Purple_005
Mel @ Frank’s Jazz Place

And, if you need a reminder of the Love in the Library Slink High Shoes, here they are too:

Adboard LitL Purple

And, the second item is for the guys. Check out the I Heard I Was In Town Leather Sweater/Jacket set. Ladies, you will love your man in this! It is Rigged Mesh, Copy, Modify and comes with a color change HUD for both the jacket and sweater.

Adboard - TDF's I Heard I Was In Town FOR MEN

Yes, this is a brand new item in the store for the men! And introducing Bean! Corvi’s male model for her men’s items. And it looks great on this him, don’t you think? Your man can look just as good in this jacket too! Gentleman, get down here to get a great deal! You know they are hard to find!

I Heard I Was In Town - Bean - Collage
TDF’s I Heard I Was In Town Sweater/Jacket set

Don’t miss out on these great deals! I look forward to seeing you all stopping by the store!

~The Dark Fae – Landing Point~

Details on Bean’s full look:
Sweater/Jacket: TDF’s I Heard I Was in Town Sweater/Jacket set
Jeans: Swarm Jeans – Forsaken (past Twisted gift)
Skin: Thorn (Medium) The Gradient  – Labyrinth
Hair: Jett/Brett – Black – MINA
Hands: Slink Hands
House: GSTAAD – InVerse
Snow: Snow/Rain mesh – Botanical
Location: Corvi’s Winter Home
Windlight: Ambient Grey

Super Deal for Slink Mid Feet!!!


So, if there ever was a deal to be had, this one is the one to top them all! Corvi has decided to put out a big deal this weekend! You do not want to miss this one!
For your Slink Mid Feets… It’s the Stompy Shoes! Yes!!! If you have Mid Slinks this is the deal for you! With so many options to customize these shoes, you can match them to any outfit you currently own. You can change the Shoe, Straps, Buckles & Gem colors on them.

Adboard Stompy Shoes FULL SET

There are many options when it comes to every part of these shoes! Yes, they will coordinate with any color outfit you have. Unrigged Mesh – Copy & Modify. And, these are normally a 600L item! So now you know what I mean by SUPER DEAL! And now for the shoes in action!

TDF - Stompy Shoes

First, some variations on the color combinations…

TDF - Stompy Shoes-1

Then with a couple outfits… The Slither Dress also from The Dark Fae and another vampy outfit I found in my crowded inventory. 😀 So get by the store and pick up this super deal on The Dark Fae’s Stompy Shoes today before they go back to regular price!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point