The Leafy Fairy Necklace – More newness from the Fantasy Faire!


We are back Faenatics! With newness from the Fantasy Faire if you missed it! Now you can have it for the low, low price of 60L! This little necklace has green leaves and the chain hooks thru the end leaf and holds a circular charm on the end which you can change to 7 different stones via the HUD.

Adboard Leafy Fairy Necklace

The Leafy Fairy Necklace is UNrigged Mesh, Copy & Modify. And it looks great weather you are in fantasy or regular clothing. Here it is in both surroundings…

Regular daily life, this is also with the Slither dress which also was released during the Fantasy Faire.


And fits into your fantasy and role play life as well!


Out this weekend only! Come by the store and get yours! Hope to see you there!