How Lovely Shoes & Socks Now @ The Wash Cart Sale

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air and that is what this round of The Wash Cart Sale is all about! And The Dark Fae is here with a loads of cute gothy darks and pastel shoes and socks called the TDF’s – How Lovely Shoes. These come in many different patterns and springy colors. The How Lovely Socks also come in the same patterns and colors. Today I am showing you the How Lovely Shoes Skullys in a few of the available colors.

The Dark Fae How Lovely Shoes

I think they go rather nicely with a few of the colors included with this dress from +FCC+ called Genesys.

The Dark Fae – How Lovely Shoes (Blue, Purple, Orange)

As you can see, these are a bit on the dark side, I like the darker colors but there are quite a few other colors and there are five various patterned or solid shoes and socks. Here are a few of the other colors in The Dark FaeHow Lovely Shoes – Skullys set. Still dark here, but we are getting to the pastels! Also in the background you see a few other items you can find at The Wash Cart Sale as well!

TDF’s How Lovely Shoes – Solids – Black & Red

These are the How Lovely Shoes – Solids and the shoes all have a thigh high sock attached where the patterns (or solids) show. Cute buttons and bows form a line up the back of your legs. Here you see the back of your legs on the solid black shoes and the front of the red shoes. Very sleek fabric with the solids.

TDF – How Lovely Socks – Hearts

And finally, here are a few of the prints on the TDFHow Lovely Socks and appropriately showing the Hearts patterns since these are the ones you might really want this month! You can lounge around in these socks and stay warm and comfy while you are inside! Or just curling up by the fireplace too! The backside of the socks also have the bow and buttons line up the back of your legs. Both the socks and shoes each have a hud with 6 textures for the shoes/socks.

I am wearing them on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body but, they do come with many other mesh body sizes including: Belleza, Slink and Tonic.

So come on by The Wash Cart Sale: Spring Is In The Air Round and pick up some of these cute shoes and socks! I am sure you will love them! And they give you quite the boost in height as well! You might need to adjust your hover a bit for these, the shoes have a very tall platform heel!

The Wash Cart Sale: Spring Is In The Air – Jan 31st – Feb 14th
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Living the High Life!

The Dark Fae has some gorgeous thigh high boots in many colors at the Fantasy Faire this year. I have the RFL colors for you today and that means this purchase would be a 100% donation to the Relay for Life – American Cancer Society!

TDF High Life Solid RFL Boots – Purple

And then there are the Lacey ones too! Here is the RFL Version of those:

TDF High Life Lace RFL Boots – Purple

And they look great! There are many many colors to choose from in the store at the Fantasy Faire on Anasai. There are also 5 bonus colors in the Fatpack! This is only available at the Fantasy Faire. There are many unique items here you will only find at the Faire and that will not be available after the Faire.  There are only four days left! Don’t miss out!

What I am wearing:

Dress (Pic #1): F&M [ Oblivion ] * Impressionist Blooming Dress – MudranaFantasyFaire
Fountain & Backdrop Items: [HL] Fantasy Wayshrine – Raven’s PerchFantasyFaire
Dress (Pic #2): !dM deviousMind “Datura” **FF2017** – The RoseFantasyFaire
FantasyFaire Ends May 4th
Hair: !Head Desk! Sabita Previously @ The Dark Side 2 Fashion Fair (ended April 30th)
Eyes: .:Soul:. Deep Space Cat Eyes – Deo (New Group Gift)
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara & Bento Hands V4.1
Particles: Spyralle – Starseeker Trail of Stars (L & R Hand)
**Part of the Starseeker Costume at The Spirit Pool sim @ FantasyFaire**

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