The Wash’s Cart Sale is here!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of The Wash’s events but Shadowed and Grace threatened to do painful things to me if I didn’t sign up for this one sooooo…. I signed up! The Wash Cart Sales are awesomely fabulous things. EVERYTHING is only 10L! YES! EVERYTHING! The Wash is running from June 21st till July 5th. To learn more, and to see daily blogs of photos go to their website here: The Wash Website

So, when I decided to do this I got pondering as to what I could make, and thanks to some helpful prodding from a certain Sir, I was reminded that guys really have very little in the way of options and cool stuff. So… this time I made stuff for you guys.

Boat Drinks Shorts come with ALL THE THINGS. No seriously, they really do. You have a choice of 5 different colors, Red, Grey, Green, Blue or Brown. Each of these colors come with fitmesh for Aesthetic, Adam, Slink, Signature, AND Belleza’s new male body Jake. On top of that, you actually get TWO fitmesh for each body. A Tight option and a Loose option. Tight is for when you want to go shirtless and show off those yummy pecks. Loose is for when you wear shirts. We tested the loose with several different shirts and we didn’t see any major clipping.

The other item I made, was something just for fun cuz I love being silly. BUNNY SLIPPERS!! But these are funky cool bunny slippers with sunglasses and everything. There is a pair for WOMEN, and a pair for MEN. These slippers are UNRIGGED. I have the female set for Maitreya feet, and the male to Signature feet, but they shouldn’t need very much modding or movement for any of the other bodies and feet out there. I made a 9 color hud for them so you can have a ton of fun wearing zebra bunnies or cheshire bunnies or whatever!

Adboard Funky Bunny MenAdboard Funky Bunny Women

So that’s my Summer Wash items! I hope you enjoy them and tell all your friends about it! And remember, IT’S ALL ONLY 10L!!! To visit the wash, please take this SLURL: The Wash

Corvi Ashdene



Super Deal for Slink Mid Feet!!!


So, if there ever was a deal to be had, this one is the one to top them all! Corvi has decided to put out a big deal this weekend! You do not want to miss this one!
For your Slink Mid Feets… It’s the Stompy Shoes! Yes!!! If you have Mid Slinks this is the deal for you! With so many options to customize these shoes, you can match them to any outfit you currently own. You can change the Shoe, Straps, Buckles & Gem colors on them.

Adboard Stompy Shoes FULL SET

There are many options when it comes to every part of these shoes! Yes, they will coordinate with any color outfit you have. Unrigged Mesh – Copy & Modify. And, these are normally a 600L item! So now you know what I mean by SUPER DEAL! And now for the shoes in action!

TDF - Stompy Shoes

First, some variations on the color combinations…

TDF - Stompy Shoes-1

Then with a couple outfits… The Slither Dress also from The Dark Fae and another vampy outfit I found in my crowded inventory. 😀 So get by the store and pick up this super deal on The Dark Fae’s Stompy Shoes today before they go back to regular price!

The Dark Fae ~ Landing Point