Fantasy Faire is officially OPEN!

Halloooo my beloved Fanatics! It’s the Corvi… I know! I’m actually posting a REAL blog post this time.. with PHOTOS! *faints* The world may never be the same again. I am going to be telling you all about all the new stuff I’ve been making for the last month for Fantasy Faire, so fasten your seatbelts, get some coffee, and let’s dive in.


First off, I’m going to say that you are going to want to stop by the store. Not only am I on, what I think, is the best sim in the entire Faire (Jaimy did an AMAZING job and I am totally stealing Skull Rock from her) but everything.. yes EVERYTHING in my store has been discounted. Here’s the trick tho, they are ONLY discounted at the Fantasy Faire store. NOT the mainstore. So if you’ve been DYING to get that bibliophile book set, now is your chance to get it at a lower price. Here is the slurl to my shop. I am on Spires of Andolys.

TDF at Fantasy Faire


I’m going to start with the RFL vendor items because 100% of the money from those items goes directly to RFL. If you don’t buy ANYTHING else from me, at least grab one of the rfl items.


You Kobold Lovers… TAKE NOTE! There is a KOBOLD in the RFL vendors. The RFL Kobold has 4 sayings and he will ONLY be available at Fantasy Faire. Once the event is done, he’s going back into hiding with the Feegles so collectors out there, make sure you come grab him.  He’s 75L and … here’s the other big news… he is Kobold 3.0 Yes. Kobold has been updated and improved. He is way more mischevious looking now, and doesn’t look so dragony. Some of you may ask, “Corvi why did you change him?!?!” The main reason is, the kobold I had been using was 24prim without anything added to him. That’s a LOT of prim and I wasn’t ok with him being so primmy. It really cut down on what I could do with him. So, when Elizabet showed me the MESH imp that UR had for sale, (yes it’s all her fault), I jumped on him because he is only 3LI. even if I blow him up HUGE he’s still only 3LI. THis gives me much more room to play with things for him to do. I’m hoping you like the new look as much as I do.

Adboard FF Kobold


The next item on the RFL vendors is the Give Me A Hand chair. This chair is… well… a hand.. literally! It’s very comfy and has been covered in very soft fabrics. really. To dress it up a bit it is wearing a bracelet of ivy. Here’s the cool thing about this chair, it comes with a hud that you wear, and with it you can change the color of the chair! YAY for huds! Here’s the other cool thing, some of the poses are meant for drinking coffee. Thanks to the engine I use, you no longer have to have a bazillion coffee cups in your inventory every time you use one of those poses. Remember how chairs always used to ask you if you wanted to accept the cup and suddenly you had the cup in your inventory and you had to wear it. No longer! Now, every time you choose one of those poses a popup comes up (it’s behind the blue box that lets you choose poses) asking if the mug can attach to you. Say yes and POOF! like magic it attaches to your hand. When you go to the next pose IT DISAPPEARS!  How cool is that?! This item will only be available at Fantasy Faire until the Faire is over, and then it will move to the Mainstore at full price.

Adboard Give me a Hand


On to the clothing! On the last RFL board I have the Draco set. That’s what I’m calling it because seriously, I always screw up the spelling of it. Word of advice… don’t ever name something with a name you can’t spell. The Draco set is part dress, part armor and ALL sexy. The photo does not do it justice but I have a demo of it rezzed out on a mannequin so you can see how awesome it really is. It is not hudded because there were so many parts to it that it would have been a hud from hell. The Fatpack is what is in the RFL vendor, however I do have the individual colors available as well. This item will only be available at Fantasy Faire until the Faire is over, and then it will move to the Mainstore at full price.

Adboard Draco Amraturam Fatpack


Fantasy Faire has it’s own version of a gacha. They call it a Gotya and 100% of the moneys spent on it go directly to RFL so play this thing till it breaks! My Gotya (which works exactly the same way as a gacha) are bracelet cuffs. They ARE unisex and I have a resizer in them so that they will fit any size wrist. The Slither cuffs are technically part of a whole set, which we’ll be getting to later. These cuffs are only available at Fantasy Faire until the faire is over, then I will be moving them into a regular gacha machine at which time an ULTRA RARE item will be included (gotya doesn’t have an ultra rare option). The Ultra Rare is a Hudded version of the cuffs which allow you to have ALL the textures.

Adboard Slither Cuffs


If you’re still reading this that means I haven’t put you to sleep. YAY!! Now we’re into all the NEWNESS that I have been working on and pulling my hair out on. seriously, it’s way thinner than it used to be. lol So I don’t have to keep repeating myself I’m going to say this, from here on everything shown is ONLY available at Fantasy Faire until the Faire is ever and then will be available at the Main Store at it’s full price.


We’re gonna start in the furniture dept.

Everyone needs lamps right? Well here we have a 100% original that NO one else is gonna have because it’s made of several different sets all mushed together. lol The That’s A Mouthful lamp is a snake’s head with the lamp coming out of it’s mouth. it does turn on and off at a click and even casts light! Every evil queen or gothic castle needs one of these. There is a demo of it out on display so you can play around with it.

Adboard Mouthful Lamp


I went into this event with a very clear idea of what I wanted to do. I wanted to create a mix of “light” fantasy and “dark” fantasy. These next items show that very clearly. They are lamps, and petites, I made them in petite size too! The brown set is the “light” version and the black set is the “dark version”. Each lampshade has different pictures embossed on them. There are a couple demos in the store for you to play with, including a petite one right by the boards. After the Faire is over I will have individual lamps for sale at the Mainstore as well as the full packs.

Adboard Rustic Lamp Brown Fatpack          Adboard Rustic Lamp Brown Fatpack Petites          Adboard Rustic Lamp Black Fatpack          Adboard Rustic Lamp Black Fatpack Petites


One last piece of furniture. The Hard Grope chair…. yes.. I really called it that…. is a skeletal hand that you sit in. The arm bone should be tall enough to attach to most ceilings so that it is hanging from the ceiling. Out of all the furniture I made for the Faire this is my favorite. Like the Hand chair it also has coffee drinking poses and the same rule applies, just say yes to let the mug attach to you and when you move to the next pose the mug disappears. wewts!

Adboard Hard Grope


CLOTHING!! Everyone loves clothing!

I’m going to start with the guys since you are so often overlooked. I have a confession, I TRIED to make more stuff for you, I really did. I had a terrible time finding things that I could make “FANTASY”. I came up with tons of stuff that I’ll be making for you over the next few months but fantasy style? ehh not so much. However, I did make these fabulous arm bands for you. Every fantasy character needs good arm bands with daggers on them and these are awesome. There is a tiny dragon embossed on the leather bands and there is a resizer script in them so they will fit anyone, no matter how muscley you are! They are available in both black and brown.

Adboard Dragon Dagger Bands Black          Adboard Dragon Dagger Bands Brown


Women, I made two complete and very distinct outfits for you. One “light” and one “dark”.

Let’s start with the LIGHT fantasy first. The Leafy Fairy outfit is something that I am very proud of. Don’t ASK me how long it took to get all the leaves looking the way I wanted them too. lol The dress comes with a hud to change the colors of the dress and the stylized wings are included with the dress. The necklace is a gorgeous drop pendant necklace with the leaf part tinted green metallic and the pendant has a hud with stones that match the different colors of the dress! The shoes are NOT color change, but they are gorgeous. They are for Slink HIGH feet only and match the leafy dress perfectly no matter what color you’re wearing.

Adboard Leafy Fairy Outfit          Adboard Leafy Fairy Necklace          Adboard Leafy Fairy Shoes


Now to the DARK side. Remember when I said that the Slither Cuffs in the Gotya were part of a larger set? Well here is the rest of the set. The dress is a long clinging dress perfect for any vampire queen to strut her stuff in. It has a hud to change the colors of the dress but my favorite part is the back. The back is a drop backline with gold cords attached to a gorgeous golden snake. It is a showstopper for sure. The Slither necklace also has a hud with it and it fits perfectly around your neck and will be the talk of any event. And of course, no outfit is complete without the shoes. The Slither Shoes are hudded to the same colors as the Cuffs and just for fun they have a snake’s head above the heel, just to get people talking. The Slither Shoes can be used with SLINK HIGH, Maitreya, OR Belleza feets! Yes! you can wear them with any of them! wewts!

Adboard Slither Dress          Adboard Slither Necklace          Adboard Slither Shoes


Every Evil Queen needs their own special pair of shoes. In some cases, this means red hot iron shoes but in this case, I went for something she could really strut her stuff in. Spiky as all heck they could do some major damage to anyone who gets in her way and she’s not telling if the bone heel is from one of her crushed enemies or not. These shoes are separated into 3 boards. One for each kind of foot. Slink MED, Maitreya, and Belleza so please look at the board carefully to see which one you need.

Adboard Wicked Queen Slink          Adboard Wicked Queen Maitreya          Adboard Wicked Queen Belleza


So that’s it. That’s all the new stuffs that is for sale. However… there is ONE MORE thing to show you. This item is my HUNT item. Yes, Fantasy Faire has a hunt. a FABULOUS hunt. for 350L (which goes directly to RFL) you get a hud which starts you on a grand adventure that will take you thru ALL the sims and then to the hunt sim where you will have things to do as well. I haven’t done the hunt yet so not sure on the details but last year’s was amazing! Once you complete your quest you gain access to the TREASURE ROOM where you can collect all the prizes all the merchants have provided. Well worth 350L believe me. My hunt prize is a Limited Edition of the Give Me A Hand chair. It is not hudded, but it is in a special Fantasy Faire purple with the logo on the seat and on all the nails (took forEVER to get the nails all positioned right!). This item will ONLY EVER be available as the hunt prize. You don’t do the hunt, you don’t get the special chair. It will NEVER be for sale in my store. EVER.

Adboard Give Me A Hand FF


Definitely check out Fantasy Faire and all the goodness that everyone has to offer and if you don’t see anything on any of the RFL boards you like, please PLEASE think about donating at one of the many kiosks scattered around the sims. RFL is a wonderful cause and I’m not going to go all sappy about this since I’ve already done that in my “Why do you Relay” post.

I love you all and you’ll be hearing from me more often, I promise.

Corvi Ashdene

Owner of The Dark Fae