More gorgeous and fabulous seasonal delights from The Dark Fae!

I had the very distinct pleasure of blogging two fantastic seasonal offerings from The Dark Fae for two Evil Bunny Productions events:  The Naughty List 3 and The Grumpy Santa Hunt.  These are AMAZING items and you so do not want to miss getting them!  The original story, with links, can be found here:

Don’t miss out!  Hurry NOW, because the 31st is getting closer every day … !


How would you like to own a castle … ?

Adboard Cliffton Castle

I have been lucky enough to blog for The Dark Fae, and even luckier that the first item I get to blog is this amazing castle!  The Cliffton Castle is massively awesome, looking absolutely humongous but only having a 40X40 footprint and 238LI.  That’s stunning, considering you get two stories above the cliffs and a HUGE basement/dungeon!  I’m including the promo photo so you can visualize it on your property … !  And in the pictures (you can see them here), you can see the interior more – imagine what all you could do with those huge rooms!  And that reallllly huge dungeon!  The texturing is amazing as well, and you can just picture this castle sitting alone on a cliff top, battered by the wind and waves but shouting defiance and standing strong.  And it costs … wait for it … brace yourself … only $950L!

Just look at it … imagine it furnished with your stuff … sitting on your land … oh it so makes me wish I had a sim …!

You just have to go here: so hurry!

New Backdrops and Bottled Fairy Earrings @ The Wash Cart Sale!

Yes! It is time for The Wash Cart Sale again and this time around The Dark Fae has some new backdrops in a few bold colors! There are five total to choose from and I have a couple of those colors to show you today.

TDF – Glam Backdrop Blue

This is The Dark Fae‘s – Glam Backdrop Blue. They are one prim land impact and as  you can see, they are very bold colors and a great background for pictures! And the best part, they are only $10L Each! Yes! That is it! Here is another:

TDF – Glam Backdrop Purple

This is the Glam Backdrop Purple! Did I say bold colors? You will only find these at The Wash Cart Sale on The Dark Fae’s stall. Only $10 lindens each! And…there is more!

The Dark Fae also has these cute little Bottled Fairy Earrings for you too!

TDF’s Bottled Fairy Earrings – Purple, Green & Red 900

These TDFBottled Fairy Earrings are available in  Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Red. Three of those shown above. And, they are also only $10 lindens each pair too! So come on down to The Wash Cart Sale and pick up your favorites! You will probably find much more than you expected.

The Dark Fae @ The Wash Cart Sale

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Fashion Credits on
The Many Faces Of Mel

How Lovely Shoes & Socks Now @ The Wash Cart Sale

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air and that is what this round of The Wash Cart Sale is all about! And The Dark Fae is here with a loads of cute gothy darks and pastel shoes and socks called the TDF’s – How Lovely Shoes. These come in many different patterns and springy colors. The How Lovely Socks also come in the same patterns and colors. Today I am showing you the How Lovely Shoes Skullys in a few of the available colors.

The Dark Fae How Lovely Shoes

I think they go rather nicely with a few of the colors included with this dress from +FCC+ called Genesys.

The Dark Fae – How Lovely Shoes (Blue, Purple, Orange)

As you can see, these are a bit on the dark side, I like the darker colors but there are quite a few other colors and there are five various patterned or solid shoes and socks. Here are a few of the other colors in The Dark FaeHow Lovely Shoes – Skullys set. Still dark here, but we are getting to the pastels! Also in the background you see a few other items you can find at The Wash Cart Sale as well!

TDF’s How Lovely Shoes – Solids – Black & Red

These are the How Lovely Shoes – Solids and the shoes all have a thigh high sock attached where the patterns (or solids) show. Cute buttons and bows form a line up the back of your legs. Here you see the back of your legs on the solid black shoes and the front of the red shoes. Very sleek fabric with the solids.

TDF – How Lovely Socks – Hearts

And finally, here are a few of the prints on the TDFHow Lovely Socks and appropriately showing the Hearts patterns since these are the ones you might really want this month! You can lounge around in these socks and stay warm and comfy while you are inside! Or just curling up by the fireplace too! The backside of the socks also have the bow and buttons line up the back of your legs. Both the socks and shoes each have a hud with 6 textures for the shoes/socks.

I am wearing them on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body but, they do come with many other mesh body sizes including: Belleza, Slink and Tonic.

So come on by The Wash Cart Sale: Spring Is In The Air Round and pick up some of these cute shoes and socks! I am sure you will love them! And they give you quite the boost in height as well! You might need to adjust your hover a bit for these, the shoes have a very tall platform heel!

The Wash Cart Sale: Spring Is In The Air – Jan 31st – Feb 14th
Website Gallery (Updating Regularly)

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The Dark Fae Brings You A Little Country, A Little Goth, Ladies and Mens All @ SOS

The SOS Event has begun! Yes, for all you Dark Faenatics, you can again find The Dark Fae at the SOS Event! Sexy, cute and country is how I would describe these new releases from The Dark Fae. For a more detailed description of the SOS event, and more pictures of the various colors, you can see Corvi’s previous post HERE. Or check the website. I suggest you look at Corvi’s post.


These are so cute and very sexy, the open front, tied, button up shirts in gingham patterns and in many colors. Many, many colors, so many that there are three mini packs of colors to choose from and all the individual colors are also available separately too. Here you see me wearing the Honey Do shirt on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. These come in sizes for Classic and Mesh Avatars and include sizes for Belleza, Maitreya, Slinks, Tonic and Standard Mesh sizes. The Bra you see here is not included, it is from the +FCC+ Leah outfit new in the store at Facepalm Clothing Company. Who also happens to be having a sale this week.


The other two mini packs are Summer and Gothic mini packs. There is also a special shirt with some added cuteness, so go check it out! Also, the Autumn mini pack and colors are all a 100% donation to Doctors Without Borders (MSF). The other two mini packs and colors are a 50% donation.


And of course, more shoes!


The Mademoiselle heels are rigged for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza high feet. There are many colors available again and a fatpack. There is one late arrival that will come from the Hope for Hurricane Harvey Victims when it ends on Sep 20th. So be back for that one or head out to that event to look at that pair. Otherwise, you can see a preview in Corvi’s previous post!

And finally, for the men…


There are kilts! New kilts in many colors as well, you can also change the metals and the belt colors on them too. And they are available in 7 colors at this event. Available separately or as a fatpack. Made for both Classic and Mesh Avatars it includes Standard sizing, Signature, Adam, Slink, Belleza and Aesthetic bodies. So come and get them guys! They look great! See Corvi’s post for better look than this one here! This event ends on October 1st and it’s for a great cause, don’t miss it!

Sep 16th to Oct 1st

The Dark Fae & SOS Event

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For more detailed credits, see my blog post #347

It’s Time for SOS Once Again


YAY It’s time for SOS again! Spoonful Of Sugar is a fantabulous event that raises money for Drs Without Borders (MSF) which is a fantabulous charity! They help people all over the world who can’t afford medical care. To find out more about MSF go HERE

SOS is running Sept 16th till Oct1st, which means it STARTED TODAY! zomg! You need to go now! Right now! To visit the SOS event go HERE We have 5 sims for you to enjoy this time.. yep! 5! The main center sim has Fashion Shows, Gacha Orchard, One Of A Kind Silent Auctions, The Raffle House (yup you get a gorgeous house STUFFED with furniture all donated by our H&G merchants) and raffles for gift cards from amazing stores like Truth, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Roawenwood, Emotions, and many many more. The other 4 sims are full of stores for your shopping pleasure. These are a mix of Fashion and H&G and these merchants really put out some amazing things.

Right, so by now you’re probably wondering, “Corvi what did you MAAAAKKKEEEEE” I’ll tell you! I made shirts and shoes for the gals. GUYS!! I MADE UTILIKILTS!!! Yes! I finally made kilts for y’all! and I gotta say, I think they turned out pretty dang nice. So let’s go look at the pretty pictures!

I’m gonna start with the guys cuz I really am excited about these kilts. My guy was gracious enough to let me take a picture of him wearing one (he hasn’t taken them off since I made them), dressed with shirt, jacket, etc so you can see how awesome they work with.. well.. everything!

Kilted David

Nice right?! The kilt that is… yeah… right.. we’ll go with that. >.>

*What is he wearing?!*

A&D Clothing -Blazer -Paolo- Mesh GIANNI
CATWA HEAD Daniel [SL Neck] v2.13
Cult Kilt Boots Signature
TDF’s Cultural Infidel (Signature) Black
[NeurolaB Inc.] N-Watch Digital (V.1.2)
Applier t-shirt

The leather kilt is my 100% donation item, and the other colors are 50%. Every kilt comes with a hud to choose between black and brown belt, and for the metal you can change it to gold, silver, and black. They come in the 5 standard sizes plus fitmesh for… almost every body out there. so.. yay!

now then.. the next item up is SHOOZE!! yay shoes!I made two different styles of shoes this time. A gothy ballet slipper and an amazing vintage style shoe that I gave a little bit of an updated flair.  All these shoes are 50% donations.


Adboard Mademoiselle Fatpack

you can see by the number of textures why I am not showing them all individually here. It would be HUGE! However, I am going to share one. This particular individual texture is not available at SOS, it is available at a wonderful little event called Hope After Harvey that is raising money for Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston. The money is being split between the American Red Cross and the Houston ASPCA because our furred babies need help too! This shoe will be there until the 20th and then will be at SOS after that.

Adboard Mademoiselle Country Chic

So.. shirts… I kinda went overboard on the shirts this time. I think there was over 22 different textures and I split them up into 3 minipacks. I’m only going to show the minipack photos for obvious reasons, but each shade is also available individually, as usual, as well. The AUTUMN PACK and AUTUMN individual shirts are 100% items and the rest are 50%. Yes.. EVERYTHING in my store is either 100% or 50% donation.

Adboard Honey Do Autumn PackAdboard Honey Do Summer PackAdboard Honey Do Gothic Pack

Tell me these don’t look cute! As an added bonus my One Of A Kind item is also one of these shirts but I added stuff to it to make it even cuter!

Adboard Honey Do OOAK

Just to make your life easier I’m gonna give you a slurl that will land you right in front of my store! yays!! To find all this amazing stuffs go HERE

So that’s it my Faenatics! I hope you go check out this amazing event and shop! Buy all the things! Not just mine. There are some amazing things, my wallet is already crying because of all the things I want. It’s an amazing cause and definitely worth supporting. The events coordinator for MSF’s America chapter comes in frequently to tell us what MSF has been up to and how our money has helped people. It’s been so wonderful to be part of this.